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Chloe's breath was taken away by the shock and the pain, and then the assault truly started in earnest. When he wasn't mauling her tits he was slamming her head to the mattress by her hair. And while he did either he kept thrusting inhumanly into her silky, fur-lined cunt, ignoring the feeble movements of her arms and legs. There was a knock at the door. Chloe struggled and screamed anew, but the effort and volume was so negligible it made no difference. Aggie looked from the door to the sibling, who craned his neck to stare back... not diminishing his fucking of the pretty assistant d.a. a single nano-second. Aggie motioned with her head and he nodded. "Just a sec," Aggie-a squat, big-hipped, pig-faced woman-said aloud to whoever was on the other side of the door. Then she watched with sneering satisfaction as the sibling grabbed Chloe's breasts, shoved his hips against her tight, round ass, and surged up-holding Chloe to him as he stood, his hard-on still plugging her cunt like a long cork in a wine bottle. Chloe gasped, standing in mid-air pinned to her rapist, her feet inches off the floor, her chest flesh shining in the gloom, her breasts squeezed like pliant plastic handles, and her huge eyes glowing in amazement and horror over the tight, swaddling gag. Her arms were wrenched behind her, embracing her impaler, and her long, wonderful legs hung down, metal glinting at her ankles. Then she started to turn against her will as the sibling moved slowly, but purposely, toward the bedroom. The knock repeated at the door. "Hold on," said Aggie pleasantly, admiring the assistant d.a.'s terror. "I'll be right there."

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